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John LoPinto believes internal hiring is beneficial to your workers

John LoPinto says that as a business owner, what should you do when a vacancy occurs in your company? Can you hire from within or outside? John LoPinto shares some insights on the pros of internal hires.

1. Promotions within lead to employee happiness

Must you hire internally or externally? According to research cited by John Lopinto, your workers can be happy if you promote from within. The study adds that employees would prefer to be led by a competent internal hire rather than someone from outside.

2. Employees take external hires personally

Another surprising finding from the research says workers take external recruitment personally. Many of them are more likely to leave your organization as they feel you’ve bypassed them by hiring from outside. Employees feel let down by the organization, and as a result, they may contemplate looking for greener pastures.

3. Internal Promotion increases productivity

As the study posted by John LoPonto notes, promoting workers from within may also increase productivity and loyalty to the organization. Also, employees tend to have a good relationship with internal hires compared to outside recruitment.

4. Promoting from inside builds culture

Making the right promotions from within the organization can boost productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention. Another study carried out in 2018 says workers are more likely to give their best at work if they believe you’re managing promotions effectively. As a result, employees tend to stay longer, minimizing labor turnover.

John LoPinto: A leading professional in the New York Area

John LoPinto co-founded a leading Private Equity Firm based in New York and is currently the Managing Director of the company. A leader of note, John LoPointo carries with him 20 plus years of experience and even continues to learn new ways of leadership.

As a business owner in his own right, John LoPinto finds time to read reputable publications like Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, etc to stay up to date and hone his leadership skills.

Although John LoPinto is a full-time managing director, he takes family life seriously. He is able to balance business matters with his family’s interests. With his family at heart, John LoPinto doesn’t allow business issues to take precedence over his need to be with family.

While at the helm of his Private Equity Firm, John LoPinto aims to build a teamwork spirit among his partners and employees.


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